With Courier Services,

Wakilni can deliver items anywhere in Lebanon.

Courier Services
Individuals Businesses

Do you live in Beirut but need to deliver a document
to Baalbak in the middle of a busy workweek?

Wakilni has got your back.

With our reliable and fast courier services, we can deliver items anywhere in Lebanon within 1 to 3 working days.

From delivering or picking-up checks, completing governmental paperwork, or sending a gift to a husband from overseas, we have the resources and the motivated team to get the job done. We courier almost everything.

We take ownership of every order and make sure the necessary coordination takes place to keep a human-relationship at the forefront at all times.

For individuals

Basically, you can ask for anything you want.

Pick up and deliver items
Pick up and deliver items
Support with a Governmental Transaction
Support with a Governmental Transaction
Buy something
Buy something

For Businesses

We help you deliver & pick up.

Pick up and deliver items
Order management

Request or cancel orders online easily. Store your database and contact details to be used frequently at ease.

Support with a Governmental Transaction
Live tracking

Track orders with real-time updates.

Buy something
Proof of Delivery

Wakilni can provide electronic proof of delivery or physical proof of delivery if requested.


Wakilni can customize services depending on the business’s needs such as providing customized requests, cash or credit on delivery, offering an exchange for items, etc.

We create technology to make your life easier.

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Working Hours
Monday to Friday
from 8am till 5pm
from 8am till 1pm

Delivering across Lebanon
within 24 to 72 hours
Range 4$ - 8$

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